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Vintage 1960's Ponytail Barbie With Case & Lots Of Excellent Accessories

eBay Watchers: 79

Price: US 182.5

OOak Vintage ponytail or swirl Barbie reroot and repaint service by Lolaxs

eBay Watchers: 68

Price: US 84.0

Vintage 1959 Barbie Ponytail Doll #850 with Original Box Mattel Japan

eBay Watchers: 65

Price: US 41.0

Early BarbieĀ® Babs & Friends VINYL CLEANER Dolly Doctor's Secret AWESOME CLEANER

eBay Watchers: 64

Price: US 10.0

Vintage Blonde Bubble Cut With American Girl Face Barbie Doll MINT

eBay Watchers: 62

Price: US 96.94

3 Vintage Barbie and Family Dolls in Case with 12 Outfits

eBay Watchers: 60

Price: US 55.0

Vintage bendable leg color magic Barbie Scarlet Flame

eBay Watchers: 53

Price: US 176.5


eBay Watchers: 49

Price: US 132.5

Amazing Vintage Platinum Blonde Twist 'N Turn Barbie Doll MINT

eBay Watchers: 48

Price: US 115.0

Vintage bendable leg color magic Barbie Ruby Red

eBay Watchers: 46

Price: US 224.72

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